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Yugacure is dedicated to the educational and cultural enrichment of our Garifuna children. We pride ourselves in facilitating the retrieval of our indigenous Garifuna culture to our historic homeland Yurumein (St.Vincent and the Grenadines), through our portable, educational, and cultural workshops.

Motto: Saving our language and culture child by child

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May 12, 2014



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YuGaCuRe Award, Textbook and Documentary at the Garifuna Film Festival International.


On Saturday May 24th, Vincentian born author and publisher Trish St.Hill will travel to Venice California to attend the Garifuna Film Festival International (GFFI). Miss St.Hill is the Executive Director of YuGaCuRe, A cultural retrieval organization which have been working to retrieve the indigenous Garifuna language and culture to its ancestral home – St.Vincent and the Grenadines, also known as Yurumein. YuGaCuRe host a yearly Garifuna Cultural Retrieval workshop in St.Vincent with James Lovell as the Musical Director and Christine Vernon as the Language Director. In 2013 GFFI awarded Miss St.Hill with a Humanitarian award for her work with the children in St.Vincent and the Grenadines. The Garifuna Film Festival International which is run by Belizean born Freda Sideroff, is a three day celebration of indigenous cultures around the world in a vibrant cultural array of film, music and discussions. The event will span from Saturday May 24th to Monday May 26th. The community of Venice, will beam as participants gather from around the globe to display their culture films, documentaries, dance, art and music. This year the documentary ‘YuGaCuRe’ which was produced by Trish St.Hill and James Lovell will be shown. The documentary chronicles the cultural retrieval efforts in the Garifuna homeland of Yurumein. The showing of YuGaCuRe will take place on Sunday May 25th at 12:45 pm.


“This is an amazing time for YuGaCuRe,” said St.Hill, “I am delighted to finally get the opportunity to be part of the film festival. But the most important part of my trip to Los Angeles would be to present the ‘YuGaCuRe Cultural Retrieval Award 2014’ to Mr. Clifford Palacio.” The award will be presented at the VIP event of the Garifuna Film Festival on Sunday May 25th at 6:00 pm. The location of the GIFF this year is at Electric Lodge performing Art Center, 1416 Electric Avenue in Venice California. Miss St.Hill went on to say that Mr. Palacio is one of her biggest heroes. The two made contact in 2010 when she appeared on the Harold Channer Show on MNN in New York. Mr. Palacio received a link to the show and emailed Miss St.Hill to compliment her on the way she handled herself. The two remained in touch since then and soon Mr. Palacio became a very well respected elder to St.Hill. In 2012, Consul General Selmon Walters suggested that Trish St.Hill use her publishing resources to create a Garifuna textbook. Trish was sitting at a table with Christine Vernon from Belize and asked Chris if she would help. Christine agreed to do so and later went to St.Vincent and the Grenadines with YuGaCuRe to teach the Garifuna Language. Before the YuGaCuRe trip, Trish St.Hill and Christine Vernon reached out to Mr. Palacio to get some ideas about the class that Christine was to teach. Mr. Palacio sent them numerous documents and materials that he had used over the years as a Garifuna teacher. At the conclusion of the book they decided to create the book with his name as the author since over 95 percent of the book was created from the materials he supplied.


“Mr. Palacio spent his years doing everything he could to preserve the Garifuna Language,” said St.Hill. “One of his greatest desire was to visit his ancestral homeland St.Vincent (Yurumein). He never got to visit Yurumein, but he is presenting a priceless gift to the children of Yurumein that will have positive effect on the Garifuna culture for generations to come. Mr. P. as I affectionately call him is a man of great integrity and honor,” said St.Hill. “The younger generation of Garinagu can learn a lot from his selfless love and dedication to our culture. Mr. P was able to make his quiet yet powerful contribution to our culture because for him it was not about ego or power, but rather true dedication. In addition to presenting Mr. Clifford Palacio with the YuGaCuRe Award, Trish St.Hill will also be presenting him with a copy of his labor of love, ‘The People’s Comprehensive Garifuna Textbook’ at the Garifuna Film Festival International VIP Event on Sunday May 25th. “This man is a gentle giant,” said St.Hill. “He is a true legend among the Garifuna people and an example to us all.


For more information visit http://www.garifunafilmfestival.com/filmfestival/mission/